These are not the super strings you are looking for

I was flattered when the lad came to me after Physics class and said

Miss can you explain string theory to me so I said yes and first made

a cat’s cradle with some handy string from the lab bench then I took

my knitting from my bag and showed him knit one purl one then I

found online the pictures of the crocheted hyperbolic surfaces the

ones that don’t map onto Euclidean 3-space the ones that the Maths

professor from Latvia made and then I told him about the woman

who learnt and tied a different knot every day for a year then turned

them into an art installation but when I said the Ashley Book of Knots

has 3,900 entries and it was my dream to learn them all he said

thank you Miss                                                                    and walked away



I found these images of crocheted hyperbolic surfaces by Gabriele Meyer at Mathematical Art Galleries




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